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The Career Forum 2024

Schedules & Key Deadlines

for Corporate Partners
May 15 - June 30 - Private Portal

Registration to Career Forum Elements

The Career Forum package includes:

Skill Seminar, Interviews, Corporate Coffee Talks, CV Coaching, Social Media Promotion, Networking Cocktail, Career Forum Party

Interview Platform Training

The training will focus on setting up your company profile, posting jobs, configuring your interview schedule, and also answering any questions related to the Career Forum Interviews.
July 20

Skill Seminar Description

Send us the skill seminar description preferably before July 20. Download the skill seminar guidelines for further information.
July 1 - August 31
Interview Platform

Interviews - Set up company profile

Access to the Career Forum Interview platform via the invitation link to set up your company profile, post jobs, and configure your agenda for interviews.
CV Coaching
August 31

CV Coaching - Provide availability

Send us, by August 30, 1 to 3 available dates in October (ex. 14th Oct 2-4pm CEST) during which you would like to conduct these 15-minutes Coaching session
August 31

Social Media Promotion

Send us the social media material preferably before August 31. Download the social media guide for further information.
September 25 - October 15
Interview Platform

Interviews - Select Candidates

You will have 3 weeks to screen and select the best profiles for interviews. The selection starts on September 25, and will last until October 15.
October 15
Career Forum Website

Register Colleagues

Registration to social events - such as the networking cocktail - as well as names of the representatives attending the Career Forum can be added in the “register colleagues” section until October 15.
Extra Requests
October 15

Special Requests

To customize the company stand, request specific material for the skill seminar, or need more information, please inform the Career Forum team no later than October 15.
October 21 - November 5
Esade Business School

Promotion Material

If you wish to send promotional materials, you must do so in advance. Your material can arrive starting from  October 21 until November 5.